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Load List Excel example with Slot Positions

EDIFACT D00B 2003-03 SMDG BAPLIE 2.1 manual

Sheet 'Load list'

The 'Load list' parser reads the first cell in the first row of the sheet. The value 'CONTAINER_ID' identifies a detailed load list, whereas the value 'CONTAINER_COUNT' is taken as a projected load list, which will be expanded into individual containers. All columns after column M are ignored.

Columns/Fields have fixed order, they must appear in the order as indicated in the following table. The status of a field is either M=mandatory, O=optional, or D=dependent if required in the presence or absence of other fields.

Column Place Field name Status Content type Example Comment
A 0 CONTAINER_ID M STRING, ISO 6346 ANGU1234565 BAPLIE, COARRI and COPRAR detailed on-board and load list only, rows without equipment CONTAINER_ID are skipped silently
A 0 CONTAINER_COUNT M INT 37 COPRAR projected load list only, rows without number of estimated CONTAINER_COUNT are skipped silently, otherwise each row is expanded into CONTAINER_COUNT containers
B 1 VOYYAGE_NO M STRING V03746 any text possible
C 2 POL M load port CNTAG UN/LOCODE - COPRAR 1.2 restricted to same load port, BAPLIE 2.1 allows different load ports
D 3 POD M discharge port USLAX UN/LOCODE
E 4 STIF_CODE D 40TWSTIF size and type are used to construct ISO_CODE
F 5 ISO_CODE D STRING ISO code 22G0 overrides STIF_CODE
G 6 WEIGHT_KG M INT 22900 Gross weight of container and content in kg
H 7 EMPTY O (Y|N) Y default N
I 8 REEF_LIVE O (Y|N) N default N, only for 20" RF and 40" HR
J 9 REEF_TEMP O DOUBLE -05.0 void for all other containers than RF and HR
K 10 TEMP_UNIT O (CEL|FAH) CEL only Celsius or Fahrenheit allowed, void for all other containers than RF and HR
L 11 IMO_DG O STRING 0335 3268 space separated list of UNDG numbers, Angelstow limited quantities format 'ddddL' not COPRAR 1.2 conform
M 12 OOG_HEIGH O out-of-gauge height 25 OOG height in cm
N 13 OOG_RIGHT O out-of-gauge width 12 OOG width right in cm
O 14 OOG_LEFT O out-of-gauge width 8 OOG width left in cm
P 15 SPECIAL_STOW O multiple stow codes AB AL TS AFH DRY INB Two-or-three character Australian Chambers Of Shipping codes
Q 16 BOOKING_NO O STRING B03754 any text possible, leave empty for projected load lists
R 17 SLOT_POSITION D Number 7-digit format BBBRRTT 0250102 BAPLIE and COARRI conversion only, ignored in COPRAR conversion
S 18 CARRIER O STRING 3-char format ABC UAS Container carrier code

Commonly used ISO container types including STIF codes are:

22G0 20' x 8'6 GP GENERAL PURPOSE 20DV
22P1 20' x 8'6 PF PLATFORM (FIXED ENDS) 20FR
22R0 20' x 8'6 RE REFRIGERATED 20RF
22T0 20' x 8'6 TN TANK (LIQUID) 20TK
22U1 20' x 8'6 UT OPEN TOP 20OT
25G0 20' x 9'6 GP GENERAL PURPOSE 20HC
28G0 20' x 4'3 GP GENERAL PURPOSE 20DV
29P0 20' x <4' PL PLATFORM (PLAIN) 20PL
42G0 40' x 8'6 GP GENERAL PURPOSE 40DV
42P1 40' x 8'6 PF PLATFORM (FIXED ENDS) 40FR
42R0 40' x 8'6 RE REFRIGERATED 40RF
42T0 40' x 8'6 TN TANK (LIQUID) 40TK
42U1 40' x 8'6 UT OPEN TOP 40OT
45G0 40' x 9'6 GP GENERAL PURPOSE 40HC
45P1 40' x 9'6 PF PLATFORM (FIXED ENDS) 40SR
45R0 40' x 9'6 RE REFRIGERATED 40RH
49P0 40' x <4' PL PLATFORM (PLAIN) 40PL