Convert Excel On-board List with Slot Positions to a BAPLIE

The BAPLIE message is used to transmit complete bayplan information about all occupied slot positions onboard of a vessel. The BAPLIE is exchanged twice between a vessel operator and a terminal operator in the next port of call, once as a status message before the call, and once after the call operations have been performed.

Convert Excel Load List with Slot Positions to a COARRI

The COARRI (Container discharge/loading report) message is used to transmit a confirmation that containers have been loaded onto or have been discharged from a seagoing vessel, or have been shifted or re-stowed. This message is commonly sent by the terminal operator handling the vessel to the shipping line (or it’s agent). Currently only loaded or shifted/restowed containers are implemented.

Convert Excel Detailed or Projected Load List to a COPRAR

The COPRAR message is send from vessel operator to terminal operator to order loading of containers on, or discharguing containers from a seagoing vessel. In addition to containers to be loaded or discharged, the COPRAR message may also be used to transmit details on containers that are to be shifted on board the vessel or containers that are to be discharged and reloaded (restowed) onto the vessel.

Convert Excel Vessel Profile to Angelstow Json